Homeowners have a lot to deal with financially. With the financial hardships that can hit, a lot of things are deemed unnecessary and get pushed to the side. For instance, you’ll find that a lot of people put off annual chimney cleaning and inspections. Unfortunately this oversight can end up causing a lot more money on repairs in the long run. Chimney cleaning and inspection should be looked at as seriously as taking care of oil changes in your car, or your yearly physical exam.

Cleaning Up the Lining

The chimney lining, or the flue, protects the chimney from becoming overheated and causing a structural fire. It is also designed to allow smoke to flow freely to the exterior of your home. Creosote buildup sticks to the interior of the flue and puts you at risk for a chimney fire. A damaged flue may allow harmful gases such as carbon monoxide to enter the home.

The CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) recommends that the flue be swept at least once a year if the chimney is only occasionally used and twice a year if it is regularly used. Regular sweeping removes creosote and reduces your chances of chimney fire or obstruction.

Repairing the Flashing

Flashing may sound like an odd word to describe something to do with the chimney, but it plays a crucial role in protecting your home from water. This is a metal piece that keeps water away from the connections between the chimney and roofing. If you don’t have flashing, or if your flashing is damaged, your home could take on water damage.

Repairing Masonry

Masonry repair isn’t very expensive in the grand scheme of things. Small cracks, breaks, and loose bricks can cause a world of damage to the chimney. You may not immediately see it, but it’s important to have these taken care of as quickly as possible. Chimney inspections can help you discover problems ahead of time and allow you time to repair and protect with water sealant so you don’t have to jump straight into a full rebuild of the chimney.

Chimney Inspections

The above is meant to illustrate how important chimney inspections are. They are important for safety as well as to discover potential problems that will cost much more over time. You never know what Mother Nature will throw at us this year. The last few winters have been pretty rough and your chimney has seen a lot of rainfall this summer. Let us help you protect your chimney and home from potential damage by applying a waterproofing agent.

Lou Curley’s Chimney Service proudly provides chimney services to Delaware County and the surrounding areas. Call us to schedule an appointment for a chimney inspection or cleaning before you light the first fire this fall. The weather is already starting to turn cooler, so don’t put it off. We’re offering a $20 off initiative on chimney cleanings for August and we will offer another great deal for September. Call us to find out what’s up next.