Trust Your Firebox Repair Or Rebuild To PA’s Only CSIA Master Chimney Sweep

The firebox of your fireplace is where the actual fire takes place. Unfortunately, the excessive heat tends to wear out the bricks and mortar, causing cracks, spalling, and other damage, and making for an unsafe fireplace. While a well maintained firebox will contain the heat from the fire and prevent heat from transferring to nearby combustibles, a damaged firebox may not. In order to restore the safety and appearance of the fireplace so you can enjoy a fire again, you’ll need to have the firebox mortar repointed and the damaged bricks replaced.

Here at Lou Curley’s Chimney Service, we offer firebox repointing and rebuilding services, as well as products like cast iron firebacks, which can help prevent the excessive heat of the fire from damaging the back wall of the firebox in the future.

Firebox before repair and sweeping with debris in on the bottom and bricks cracked and falling out.

Firebox Repair – Before

Lou Curley's firebox after repairs.  New brick and floor.

Firebox Repair – After

  • Firebox Repointing — Firebox repointing refers to the process of carefully grinding out the damaged mortar joints and packing fresh mortar in for a smoother, cleaner, safer firebox. The mortar joints between the bricks in your firebox can really take a beating, which is why a special refractory mortar should be used. Refractory mortar is better able to stand up to the heat and corrosive byproducts of combustion, so you can enjoy a crack- and gap-free firebox for years to come.
  • Firebox Rebuilds — When damage spreads beyond just the joints between the brick and the brick itself starts cracking and spalling, you’ll need to have the damaged brick replaced or the firebox completely rebuilt. For a safer, longer-lasting firebox, we use firebrick rather than a standard masonry brick. Firebrick or refractory brick is made of a refractory ceramic material and is able to withstand higher temperatures without damage.
  • Cast Iron Firebacks — Another great option for protecting your firebox against heat damage and getting more heat from your fireplace is to invest in a cast iron fireback. These cast iron plates are placed against the back wall of the firebox, and while they may seem decorative, they serve an important function. Not only will they protect the back wall against the high heat of the fire, but they’ll take that heat and radiate it back into the home, so you can enjoy more warmth from every fire.
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