Protect & Strengthen Your Chimney With Expert Masonry Repair & Waterproofing Services

The masonry exterior of your chimney above the roof line takes a lot of weather abuse. Rain, snow, sleet, and ice can all take a toll, and because the portion of the chimney that extends above the roof line isn’t warmed by the house, it’s especially susceptible to the freeze/thaw effects of winter.

You see, masonry chimneys are porous, which means they tend to absorb and hold water. As temperatures drop and rise, the water inside the brick and mortar of the masonry freezes and thaws, contracting and expanding. This freeze/thaw cycle can lead to masonry damage:

  • cracking and receding mortar joints
  • spalling, cracking, flaking, and popping brick

If you have cracks in the joints between your brick or minor brick damage, we can help. We repoint joints by carefully removing the damaged joints, carefully matching the new mixture to the old, and carefully packing new mortar in. We can also use a trowel-grade, waterproofing sealant to replace spalling brick. But we don’t just stop with masonry repair — we work hard to prevent future damage…

Want A Long-Lasting, Beautiful Chimney? Invest In Waterproofing

Water is what causes the majority of the exterior deterioration we see, which is why it’s our mission to prevent water from being absorbed in the first place. We do this by waterproofing chimneys throughout Philadelphia and the Main Line.

Here at Lou Curley’s Chimney Service, we use the best chimney and masonry waterproofing product available, a VOC-compliant, solvent-based water-repellent spray. Why do we use ChimneySaver instead of another product found in a hardware or home improvement store?

ChimneySaver Water Repellent protects masonry and concrete.
  • The product is 100% vapor-permeable, which means it allows vapor produced by the fire to safely exit, but it doesn’t allow rain, snow, or outside moisture to enter. This can’t be said for a lot of the other products out there. In fact, many other products, like silicone coatings and sealers, can slow down the exit of water vapors, leaving them trapped in the brick where they can cause destruction from the inside out.
  • ChimneySaver provides protection against efflorescence, stain, mildew, fungus, and the freeze/thaw cycle that can cause brick to spall and crack.
  • Another reason we love this product is that it doesn’t leave a glossy appearance or alter the look of our neighbors’ chimneys. In fact, no one will know how or why your chimney stays looking so good.
  • ChimneySaver carries a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty and can greatly reduce your chances of a chimney leak.

Chimney leak prevention isn’t just a myth. You can do something to keep leaks from occurring! Have your damaged masonry promptly and professionally repaired and invest in professional waterproofing services today. Call 610-626-2439 or fill out our online appointment request form and give your chimney the protection it needs.


Call Lou Curley’s Chimney Service to deal with your chimney leak repairs. We can quickly determine if a chimney cap or custom chimney cap will fix the problem.