Stainless Steel Liners — Long-Lasting Liners Approved For All Fuels

So you know you need a new flue liner, but one question we’re often asked is, “Which is better, aluminum or stainless steel?” In most cases, the smartest, most effective, and most economical choice is stainless steel, and here’s why…

Before choosing a liner, there are several things you need to consider, like appliance size/type and fuel type. When running through your relining options and considering these important factors, you’ll find that stainless steel is superior because:

Aluminum Liner in shreds laying on the ground.

Aluminum Liner

Chimney flue with lining removed.

Lining Removed – Before

New Stainless Steel Liner after installation.  It is very clean.

Stainless Steel Liner – After

  • Aluminum liners are very limited in that they’re only approved for certain types of gas appliances, not all. Stainless steel liners, on the other hand, are approved for use with all fuel types, including gas, wood, oil, and pellet. So whether you’re relining the chimney that vents your wood stove, your gas insert, or your oil furnace or boiler, a stainless steel liner can take the heat and byproducts your appliance will throw at it.
  • Aluminum liners cannot be installed in flues that previously vented an oil appliance, so if you’re relining a masonry flue that vented your oil furnace, for example, an aluminum liner isn’t even an option.
  • Aluminum liners are easily damaged during installation, especially if the chimney has an offset or a long run. Stainless steel liners, on the other hand, are strong, and come in both rigid and flexible forms to accommodate any chimney.
  • Aluminum liners don’t have a very long service life, while stainless steel liners, when professionally installed and maintained, carry a lifetime warranty.

Obviously, relining with stainless steel has its advantages, and here at Lou Curley’s Chimney Service, we’re proud to reline with the best and most durable UL listed chimney liners available. No matter what type of appliance your chimney vents or what type of fuel that appliance burns, we’ll help you select the perfect stainless steel liner for a perfect fit. 

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