Want To Get Rid Of Drafts & Sky-Rocketing Energy Bills? It’s Time To Replace Your Damper!

Chances are, your fireplace was built with a damper plate just above the firebox, which must be opened before you light a fire in your fireplace. The purpose of the damper is to prevent the heat and conditioned air in your home from exiting through the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. It’s also designed to keep all that cold or hot (depending on the season) outside air from coming in and making your home uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, due to the location of the damper — quite literally in the line of fire — the plate and frame tend to warp from the heat over time or deteriorate as a result of creosote buildup.

Another common problem with these throat dampers is that they can rust as a result of rain coming down through the chimney, a chimney leak, or condensation and moisture from the fire.

When this happens:

  • You may find it difficult or even impossible to open or close your damper
  • You may notice that the damper no longer keeps outside air out
  • You may see a rise in energy bills because the damper is allowing heat and conditioned air to escape up through the chimney

Unfortunately, these dampers have always had a disadvantage because they provide a metal-on-metal seal, which is far from perfect. Even when a throat damper is in perfect condition, it still leaks heat and conditioned air up the flue. But if your damper is nonfunctional, damaged, or you’re simply tired of wasting heat and feeling cold or hot outside air coming in through your fireplace, even when the damper is closed, we’ve got the perfect solution: a chimney top-damper.

Chimney top dampers or top-mounted dampers are dampers that fit on top of the chimney flue, instead of down above the firebox. These dampers look similar to a chimney cap, but they have a cable that runs down through the flue and attaches to a handle, making it easy for you to open and close the damper as needed — in fact, these are typically easier to operate than most throat dampers!

They also have a built-in gasket, so when they do close, they keep 100% of your heat and conditioned air within your home, and keep 100% of that outside air out of your home. That means, with a top-mounted damper, you’re not paying to heat and cool your home, just to lose that conditioned air through your chimney.

Another major benefit to installing a top-mounted damper is that, because these dampers sit at the top of the chimney, when closed, they’ll work like a chimney cap to keep water, animals, and debris out of your chimney. Added energy savings, added flue protection, all in one product.

Our Stainless Steel Top-Mounted Dampers Provide A Lifetime Of Protection — Guaranteed

While many top-mounted dampers are made of inferior aluminum and lack screening, here at Lou Curley’s Chimney Service, we sell and install quality stainless steel dampers that have screening, which prevents animal, bird, and debris entry when the damper is in the “open” position. And just like our chimney caps, our dampers are backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, so you and your chimney can enjoy a lifetime of protection — guaranteed.

If your damper is damaged, non-functioning, or you’d simply like to upgrade your current damper to a top-mounted damper and start enjoying energy savings, give us a call at 610-626-2439 or fill out our contact form here on our website. We’re here to help!


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