Winter is a particularly damaging season for your chimney. Cold weather is when your chimney sees the most use as you try to combat high electrical bills by supplementing household heating. Because winter can be so harsh on your chimney, it is extremely important that you have an after-season inspection to make sure that your chimney is not damaged due to the freeze thaw cycle. We will work with you to ensure that your chimney is in perfect working condition whether you use it often or very infrequently.

Your chimney plays a vital role in protecting your home from smoke and carbon monoxide poisoning. A damaged chimney does not function as efficiently as one that is in good condition. Even if your chimney is rarely used, an annual inspection is necessary to ensure that everything is up to par, and that there are no small creatures living in the flue. Continue reading for more information on after-season chimney inspections and repair.

Post Winter Chimney Inspections

Winter can cause an array of damage to your chimney. The freeze-and-thaw action occurs when water freezes inside the brick and then thaws out when the weather warms up. The freezing and thawing of the water trapped inside the brick causes them to expand and contract. This can cause the brick and mortar to separate and create gaps or cracks, in turn causing it to crumble over time. Taking care of this issue not only benefits the chimney, but also the upkeep of the rest of the house. A damaged chimney can cause damage to your roof, to your fireplace, and eventually to the rest of the home.

Post Winter Chimney Repair

Chimney inspections and repairs after winter can help restore your chimney to its original condition. Waterproofing the chimney crown, the structure itself, and the flashing will go a long way in protecting your masonry chimney from future water damage. We trust ChimneySaver products because they’ve proven to stand the test of time and offer the best protection. They go on quickly and easily, and provide protection for 5-15 years based on the specific product we use.

Chimney Inspection Services

Here at Lou Curley’s Chimney Services, we include in-depth inspections that are certain to protect your chimney and prevent any further damage. After the inspection, we may suggest repairs or preventative maintenance techniques based on our findings:

  • Waterproofing
  • Repairs
  • Cleaning
  • Relining

We have everything you need to make sure that your chimney is ready for the next harsh season that Mother Nature has to offer. Elemental damage comes in all shapes and sizes, as spring and summer thunderstorms often pelt our chimneys with very hard rain and heavy winds. Make sure your chimney is ready for storm season now that winter is over. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate or to schedule your after-winter chimney inspection.