We all understand how difficult it is to decorate the fireplace during the fall and winter months. We have to move everything and disrupt the decor throughout the room just to start a fire to knock the chill out of the room or to enjoy that cozy glow. But we rarely start the fireplace during the summer months, so decorate away without the annoyance!

You’ll want to star by thoroughly cleaning the fireplace. So give us a call to clean and inspect the chimney and fireplace. It’s a great place to start because you get the chimney inspection out of the way and we do most of the fireplace cleaning for you. Win/Win!

Glass Logs

Create the image of a cool fire in the fireplace for summer with glass logs. You obviously can’t burn them, but they’ll reflect light from nearby sources and help refract light and colors throughout the room.

Display Case

Place an unusual statue, vase, or other conversation starter in the fireplace for summer. There’s absolutely no reason this space can’t display your favorite piece of artwork while it isn’t in use.

Colorful Vases

We all have vases from various things throughout life. We may have been gifted a single rose in a lovely vase at one point. The rose dies, the relationship moves on one way or the other, and we have the vase. The same rings true with other larger bouquets of flowers. We tend to collect them because we intend to use them at some point. Here’s your perfect chance to put them on display and add a splash of sparkle and color to the usually-dark fireplace.

Wood Storage

Creatively stack your remaining wood in the empty fire box to keep it in one place, protect it from the elements, and decorate your fireplace.


Flowers have a way of brightening a room whether they’re live or fake. Spruce up the fire box with flowers and plants that add color and life to the space.


Keep the andiron in place and line it with candles of varying colors, shapes, and sizes. Use a metal pan under the candles to catch wax drips or you’ll have a pretty horrible mess to clean up at the end of summer when you decide to use the chimney again.

Carry the Decor to the Mantle and Wall

Whatever you choose to decorate the fire box with, carry that theme onto the hearth, mantle, and the wall above the fireplace. You can use your own printer to print pictures of statues, flowers, vases, or other temporary artwork for the area. Get creative with your fireplace and the surrounding area while you can.

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