Summertime is here, and now it’s the perfect time to perform chimney masonry repairs. With masonry repairs, the weather and time play a huge role. The warm weather really helps to cure the masonry repairs at an optimal state. When it comes to the safety of your family and the condition of your fireplace, everything needs to be taken into consideration including timing and weather.

Summertime Allows for Best Timing and Results

Fireplace use during the cold seasons can create creosote buildup and other problems such as unpleasant smells or gas leaks. It is best to tackle these problems during the summer so your fireplace is ready to use when it’s cold. More importantly, summer provides the proper weather conditions to maximize the effectiveness of these chimney repairs. It gives the material the proper temperature and time to cure.

An important part of maintaining your chimney is relining and waterproofing the flue. In cold seasons, the risk of precipitation and freezing temperatures are not good conditions for the masonry to cure. Without proper condition or time to cure, the waterproofing can be damaged to allow liquid to seep into the brick to cause cracks. Chimney flue cleaning is also a must to remove creosote, as wet and cold conditions increase the chance of rust, unpleasant smells, and even fires in your chimney.

Let Lou Curley’s Chimney Services Help You

This summer, if you are in the Delaware County, PA area and need repairs on your masonry chimney, get in touch with Lou Curley’s Chimney Services right now. We offer in-depth chimney inspections that will surely give you a peace of mind. Our team will diligently diagnose and repair your masonry chimney so that your summer is fun and carefree, call us at (610) 626-2439 and let our certified specialists help.