Spring is coming, at some point, I think. I hope. I really, really hope. And that means that at some point, you are going to have to clean up your fireplace one last time before closing it down for the season. This may seem like a tedious task, but we promise that if you do the work now it will make it much easier when you light that first fire next winter.

Here are 3 helpful tips on cleaning out your fireplace for the season:

Clean the Fireplace

Okay, so this may seem a little obvious, but we have seen so many people try to skip over this step. They seem to think that their fairy godmother is going to stop in over the summer and wave her magic wand or something. First, you will want to shovel out all the ashes and soot from the bottom and then use the vacuum to get into all the corners and small spaces.

We recommend waiting a couple of days after your last fire before removing the ashes from your fireplace, because ashes can stay hot for quite some time. When you do remove them, we suggest that you place them in a metal container, in case they are still warm, so that they do not accidentally start a fire.

Have Your Chimney Professionally Cleaned and Inspected

Now that your fireplace is nice and clean, it is time to call in the professionals and have them scrub the inside of your chimney. They are the best ones for this job, because they know how to tackle all that hardened on creosote. Once your chimney is clean, they will then do a full inspection and let you know if there are any issues that need to be repaired.

Close the Damper

Closing the damper to your fireplace is very important, because it will ensure that none of the air from your home is escaping up your chimney. It will also keep all the air from the outdoors from creeping inside.

We promise that cleaning out your fireplace at the end of the season will not take that long. However, the amount of time that it does take will be well worth it when you can simply throw a few logs in it at the beginning of a cold spell next winter and be toasty warm. In fact, you might be the envy of all your friends at that point, as they might be frantically trying to scrape the old ashes out of their fireplace and wondering why their fairy godmother didn’t do it for them over the summer.

Fireplace Safety and Chimney Inspections in Drexel Hill

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