It is difficult to think that anything can affect your chimney. After all, it is built to withstand intense heat, plus it has to deal with nature. As tough as it looks however, it requires a lot of care, and without this, the structure will have a shorter life. Without proper maintenance, there is also the risk of a fire. Moisture might not seem like it can do so much damage, but it can actually be quite detrimental to the chimney. Let’s take a look at the major problems it can cause.

Damage to the liner

When creosote mixes with moisture, this can lead to the breakdown of the liner. Professionals often notice cracks in the flue, but the problem will not be restricted to this area. You may start to see signs of damage to the interior of the home. Water that affects the chimney liner usually enters through the top, so it is wise to invest in a cap. Damage to the crown can also cause moisture to get in.

Mortar damage

Chimneys have to deal with cold winters, and hot summers. These cycles can take a toll on the masonry of the structure. When water freezes inside the mortar, it weakens the surface considerably. Soon cracks may start to appear, and fragments might start to break away. You can protect your chimney with sealants, but if the damage is already done, the technician will have to carry out repairs. If the mortar joints are weak, the technician may use a method known as tuckpointing to restore them.


If your chimney has no cap, rainwater and melting snow will have easy access to the inside. If this reaches the damper it can cause rust to build up quickly. Once this happens to the damper, you might not be able to open or close it properly. This is a common cause of heat loss in the home. During the warm months, cool air can also leave the house by this route. Another cause for concern is that a poorly functioning damper can force smoke into the home.

With regular visits from a chimney sweep, it will be easy to detect signs of moisture problems early. Quick action is the best way to save money on your chimney repairs. Talk to the sweep about ways to protect your chimney from moisture intrusion. The information you get could help the chimney last longer and help in avoiding major repairs.

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