Do you operate a gas fireplace, an oil furnace, or some other type of oil or gas fueled heating appliance? Then you need regular maintenance on your chimney done by a professionally certified crew, and the team at Lou Curley’s Chimney Service are just the people to help you out with it all.

Whether you need an inspection or sweeping done, or something more extensive like repair or relining work, we are qualified to serve you and get your system back to where it needs to be. Give us a call today to get started.

Better Care For Your Home

Maintaining a safer home and ensuring your family members stay comfortable is a priority for any homeowner. If you are wanting to keep your heating appliance running as smoothly as possible, then investing in annual chimney inspections is one surefire way to do it. You will avoid rust, corrosion, build-up, and all kinds of deterioration that trigger inefficiency, ensuring you get the heat and comfort you deserve.

We can help you out and, should an issue be spotted in your inspection, our sweeps can get to work and patch things up in no time. This will prevent further damage from occurring down the line, and it will also lower your risk of carbon monoxide exposure significantly. Repair work is never something to put off, and our sweeps can get you set up right in no time. Ensuring your chimney is fit for heating with gas or oil appliances is imperative this heating season.

Why is carbon monoxide a threat? Well, it is known for causing serious illness and can even be deadly if it’s not discovered in time. The scariest part about having this gas in your home is that is has no color or odor, so detecting it is basically impossible. If you have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home, it will be able to alert you at the first sign of trouble, so consider investing in yours today.

All in all, you want your family to get the heat they need to stay warm, toasty, and comfortable throughout the rest of winter, and the last thing anyone needs is the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning or exposure to any other harmful fumes. Get the professional attention you deserve by working with the Lou Curley crew from start to finish. We’ve got your back through it all!

About Our Team

Wondering why we are the team to trust? Well, we are certified with the CSIA, the NFI, and the FIRE, and we have memberships with many reputable organizations like the NCSG and the HPBA, as well. We take education seriously, which is important in an industry like this where new techniques and technologies are constantly being introduced. If you want a crew that is on top of it all, then we are it!

The fact of the matter is, there isn’t a team that will invest the time and professional care that we will, and you deserve only the very best when it comes to the safety and happiness of your family members. Give us a call today to get everything you need and more for your fireplace, chimney, vents, and more. We’re eager to help you out soon!