Water and chimneys do not like each other. Well, actually, water likes chimneys, but chimneys do not work so great once water has been introduced to them. Plus, water that leaks into your chimney during those summertime storms can cause odors as well as a lot of damage.

Here are 3 things that can cause water to enter your chimney during a summertime storm:

Chimney caps

Chimney caps can crack, loosen, or completely fall off, and any of these scenarios are not good for your chimney. Your chimney cap needs to be in excellent shape to keep all the water out from the storms, so if you notice any damage or see that it is missing, we recommend having it replaced immediately.


The material that is used to seal the area between your chimney and your roof is called flashing. Flashing should be installed so that it is flush with both areas to provide a tight seal. If the flashing is not installed properly or it has been damaged or is loose, it will need to be repaired. Besides allowing water into your chimney, the damaged flashing can let water seep into your roof and it will continue down into your ceilings and walls.

Damage to the Masonry

If water soaks into your bricks at any time, it is not a good sign. The water will cause the bricks to deteriorate and during the winter the damage will occur even more quickly, because the water will continuously freeze and thaw inside the bricks. Damaged bricks that are not repaired can crumble apart so much that your chimney could collapse without warning.

It is not always easy to know when water is entering your chimney, but some signs that you should keep an eye out for include:

  • The sound of dripping water inside your chimney
  • Water stains on your ceiling or walls near your chimney
  • Cracked bricks
  • A musty odor, especially after it rains
  • Water inside your fireplace

If you think that you have a problem with water entering your chimney, we recommend that you call a professional immediately, because it is better to fix minimal damage before it becomes too extensive.

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