Holiday decorations are just as traditional as the holidays themselves. We enjoy seeing mantles decorated for the holiday season because that means you love your fireplace. The fireplace provides an amazing backdrop for stockings, garlands of all shapes and sizes, candles, and other fanciful decoration options. Today we want to discuss fireplace safety and holiday decorations.

Avoid holiday decoration disasters this year by following these tips:

  1. Never leave the room with a candle burning. You never know when a child or a pet will knock the candle over and start a fire.
  2. Never walk near dry garland or a drying Christmas tree with a candle or other open flame. The longer a tree is cut, the dryer it becomes regardless of how often you water it. A dried out Christmas tree is very flammable.
  3. Use nonflammable or flame retardant decorations. Flammable decorations present fire hazards. The flame from a candle or the heat from decorative lights can cause a fire.
  4. Never block exits with holiday decorations. Homes are required to have two exits for good reason; if one exit is blocked by fire, you can take the other.
  5. Never overload electrical outlets. Don’t link more than three strings of lights from a single outlet. Overloaded outlets create heat and can cause a fire.
  6. Use extension cords that are rated for this particular use. Don’t mix and match as this causes overheating of the extension cord.
  7. Never leave holiday lights on when you leave your home. It’s nice to return home to see your decorations, but please keep the fire risk in mind and unplug the lights while you’re not home.
  8. Don’t hang combustible decorations within three feet of the fireplace opening if you plan to use the fireplace throughout the holidays.
  9. Make sure your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are in the proper places, have new batteries, and are functioning properly.
  10. Never burn wrapping paper, boxes, or unused decorations in the fireplace or wood stove. These appliances are designed specifically to warm your home, not as a disposal for paper products.
  11. Never dispose of a Christmas tree in the fireplace or wood burning stove. The Christmas tree is not seasoned and will create a lot of smoke. The resulting smoke will likely create creosote in the liner of the chimney.
  12. Never place wrapped packages within three feet of the fireplace if you plan to use it. You can decorate the mantle and fireplace any way you wish as long as the fireplace will not be used.

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