Many people are now thinking about installing fireplace inserts to increase heat output and efficiency. A fireplace insert is similar to a woodstove, but it is designed to fit into an existing fireplace. It has a firebox that is shielded by a shell made from cast iron or steel, and it sends heat from the fire back into the room. According to some sources, an insert can increase efficiency by up to 70 percent. The different types of fuels these inserts can use are:

  • Natural gas
  • Wood
  • Wood pellets
  • Coal
  • Propane

While a fireplace insert is generally considered a good investment, there are a few things you should know before buying one.

The Size

One of the first mistakes you can make is buying an insert because you like the way it looks or for the type of fuel it uses. You should first think about getting one that is the right size for your fireplace. Begin your search by measuring the height, width and depth of the fireplace. Then you can think about issues like the fuel and the heat output. Other factors will influence the type of insert you get, such as the level of insulation in the home, and whether the fireplace is the home’s main heating source. To get an insert that is the appropriate size you can talk to your chimney sweep or the insert dealer.

Insert Installation

You should hire a profession to install your fireplace insert. This task will include adding a stainless steel chimney liner from the top of the chimney down to the stove. This will keep creosote from developing inside the flue, and it takes the smoke from the fire away from the home. The chimney must be cleaned before the installation of an insert. Some inserts have built-in fans that will have to be connected to the home’s electrical system. Take a look at your budget, as features like the finish, accessories like automatic thermostatic control can make the insert more expensive.

Fireplace Insert Installation in Drexel Hill

A fireplace insert replaces the firebox in your existing fireplace. As the wood burns the shell keeps the heat in and radiates it out towards the room. The insert has a window that allows you to see the fire so you can still enjoy the ambience that the fireplace provides.

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