Winter will be here before any of us are really ready for it, so we recommend that you don’t fight it any more than you have to. There are quite a few things that we all need to add to our to-do list, so that we are ready for whatever winter sends our way this year.

Here are 5 things that you can do to get a head start on your winter maintenance:

Inspect Your Roof

Curling or missing shingles indicate that your roof is in dire need of repairs or even replacement. We recommend that you have these repairs completed before winter arrives to prevent water leaking into your home.

Clean and Inspect Your Chimney

It is important that you have your chimney cleaned and inspected either at the end of the winter season or before the next winter season begins. If you have been procrastinating with this chore, then we recommend that you call us right away! We will become extremely busy in the next couple of months as people begin to light fires. We can help you by removing all the creosote that has built up inside your chimney as well as all the debris and potentially dead animals. After your chimney is clean, we will inspect it to make sure that you can use it safely this winter season.

Check Your Plumbing

No one ever wants to deal with frozen pipes, so now is the time to make sure that all the pipes inside your home are well insulated. It is better to get this job completed before the temperatures dip down too low, because if you wait, you may forget about it until it is too late.

Clean Your Deck

Your deck has offered many days and nights of relaxation, but to ensure that you can spend just as much time on it again next year, you will want to take care of it now. You can start by sweeping off all the dirt and then cleaning it with some detergent and a soft brush. If it has been a while since you have sealed your deck, then you will want to do that as well.

Have Your Furnace Serviced

Did you have your furnace serviced at the end of last winter? If you did, great! If not, make that phone call now, so you don’t wake up one morning to icicles hanging from your ceiling. Plus, if there is something wrong with your furnace, it will be cheaper to fix it before it causes something else to go wrong at the same time.

Chimney Services in Media

These jobs may signal the beginning of the winter season, but if you get them all done now, you won’t need to worry about working out in the cold. Instead, you can sit by your fireplace as you sip hot cocoa and read the latest bestselling novel. So give us a call at 610-626-2439 to schedule your chimney cleaning, chimney inspection, dryer vent cleaning, or utility flue cleaning and inspection. We’ll schedule your appointment as quickly as possible.