Wood burning fireplaces can still be found in m any homes, but more people are leaning towards gas-powered fireplaces. These types have an even stronger emphasis on contemporary design, and despite the fact that wood is cheaper, they are still relatively economical. If you already have a wood-burning fireplace, you should weigh your options carefully before replacing it with a gas burner. Here are some good points to consider to make the decision easier.

Artificial vs. Natural

As far as many people are concerned, one big disadvantage of gas powered fireplaces is that they look fake. The logs were obviously artificial, and many of them had false brick fronts. Luckily, in recent times the look of the artificial logs has improved. Some people can’t even distinguish them from the real thing. You can also find my types with the traditional front that you find so appealing. As a bonus, there are new fireplace designs with sleek styles that suit modern décor.


Anyone can be a little frustrated at having to repeatedly clear ash and soot from the fireplace. This time-consuming chore is unnecessary with a gas powered fireplace. This is one of the chief reasons why some homeowners consider putting in these fireplaces.


Buying and storing wood is not always easy for homeowners. It can be even more difficult in some cities. You can connect a gas fireplace to the gas lines in your home. This will of course, increase your fuel bill significantly. Another thing to note is that in some areas it is possible to get wood for free.

The Ambience

These fireplaces tend to produce a similar effect, but for many people the wood burning fireplaces have the edge. The burning of wood produces a more pleasant smell than the burning of gas.

Power Problems

With a gas powered fireplace, you could have a major problem if there is a power failure. If the pumping station lacks power, your home might be without heat. You will need a have a backup heating source until the power is restored.

Talking to a chimney professional in the Drexel Hill area is the best way to get the fireplace you really need. Learn from their experience; you can learn about the availability of fuel, whether it is wood or gas. Our chimney professional can tell you about the experiences of customers using each type, and this will be valuable in making your purchase decisions.

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