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Annual servicing of the chimney is an extremely important component of home safety. However, while you may feel tempted to clean your chimney yourself, there are many good reasons to leave this job to the professionals. Let’s go over some of the most important reasons to have your chimney inspected and professionally cleaned at least once per year. Ready?

The Right Equipment for the Job

To effectively clean and repair a chimney, professional tools are necessary. For example, vacuuming the chimney calls for the use of special vacuum cleaners. The use of the wrong type of equipment such as vacuums will leave behind ash, and bird and bat droppings. This can be harmful to the health of people inside the home since bird and bat droppings can carry bacteria. Besides, you wouldn’t hire a diesel mechanic with high school shop experience to build your home, would you?

Proper Diagnosis of the Problem

Only a trained chimney sweep can properly examine your chimney to diagnose any existing problems or predict potential future problems. They can tell from their inspections of the soot that has accumulated if it is the result of regular use or due to a problem. They can send a special video camera (CCTV) down the chimney to see inside so they can more easily see what is happening. Cracks and obstructions can be seen in this way before they become major issues.
Google, M.D. may be good at helping diagnose the pain in your right side, but without a real medical opinion, it is all speculation based on a few facts.

Getting Rid of Creosote

One material that causes serious build-up in chimneys is creosote, a tar like substance that can cause fires as well as cause obstructions in the chimney. This substance is difficult to clean; however, trained chimney sweeps have the tools and skill to remove it. This substance results from the burning of wood, especially wet wood in the fireplace. The smoke condenses quickly on the way up the chimney, creating moisture on the interior walls of the flue. Unburned particles stick to the moisture and build up over time. This substance is extremely combustible.
Regular household cleaners will not effectively clean creosote.

Proper Training

It may seem like a simple job, but it takes training to be able to clean and maintain chimneys. Trained sweeps not only get rid of the accumulated soot, they will evaluate the chimney’s condition inside and out, and make recommendations for repairs and replacement. These professionals can also check the chimney to determine if the flue size is adequate for the location.
A chimney can look great on the outside, but there can be major issues on the inside. Depending on where you live, birds can fly into the exposed section and build their nests, causing a blockage. When you try to clean your chimney yourself, you cannot guarantee that the job will be properly done.

The only way to be sure that the chimney is effectively maintained and cleaned is to use a professional chimney sweep. To improve the chances of getting a professional job, sign a contract with a certified chimney sweep. Call me to discuss issues with your chimney or to schedule a consultation in the Delaware County area 610-626-2439.