When it comes to selling a home, people work over all the little details. Every little thing is combed over, and it’s all under the guise of getting the property value to rise. Homeowners will spend a great deal of time painting, repairing, and trying to make sure that every ounce of energy is spent on converting even the most modest of properties, into great investments for someone else. The one thing that is sometimes overlooked, however, is the fireplace. Sure, it’s easy to clear out the clutter and change things up a bit here and there, but there lurks something far more important, and it’s in regards to prevention, repair, and attention to the chimney.

The Inspection

First and foremost, every homeowner should have a professional come through and inspect their fireplace. This is not just to ensure that everything is in working order, but to look for potential hazards. There’s a lot that goes on with these, and it’s not often seen with the naked eye. Just one crack in the masonry, or one piece of flashing out of place could topple even the most compelling of chimneys. Inspections are crucial to ensuring that any problems that arise get sewn up before too long.

Longevity Brings Value

One of the most important things about any property is the idea of longevity. A property that has been well taken care of, gives the impression that it’s going to last well into the future. Remember, the average homeowner is going to pull out a 30 year mortgage. That’s a long investment period, and they’ll want to have peace of mind when doing so. By having professionals repair, inspect, and focus on the fireplaces, you hedge your bets as a home seller and a buyer as well. Without the expertise that comes from hiring a pro here, you will not have the peace of mind that comes from the perceived longevity of the home.

The Value

Real estate agents focus on several talking points when walking potential buyers through a home. When they can have an additional bullet point to talk about, the inherent value of the home rises. One of the selling points that can be introduced, for example, can be that the chimney has been recently inspected, swept, repaired, and waterproofed. Those elements alone will ensure that the buyer is not going to run into any immediate problems after settling into their new home. This talking point may not seem like a big deal at first glance, but perception can mean a higher asking price.

The aforementioned are just a few things to think about when looking at chimney repair in general. Move forward with an inspection and prevent damage from wrecking the sale or value of your home.