Have you set an appointment for your annual chimney sweeping and inspection yet? Fall is less than two months away and, once those temperatures drop, our schedule books fill up fast. If you have yet to reserve time with our CSIA certified sweeps, we encourage you to give the Lou Curley’s Chimney Service team a call right away! sweep on roof at sunset

Why Is This Important?

Why are annual inspections so important? Well, when you run your fireplace, creosote builds up, and the more you have of it the more at risk you are of experiencing a chimney fire. You see, creosote is highly flammable, and if it catches on fire, the flames will spread throughout your structure in a hurry. All that heat puts significant wear and tear on your masonry and chimney liner, making your fireplace unsafe for regular use.

Unfortunately, many homeowners never even realize that a chimney fire has occurred. They typically aren’t loud, obvious events, which means lots of people continue to light fires without knowing their risk of house fires, smoke exposure, and carbon monoxide leaks have raised significantly.

Because of this, checking things over before the start of every single burning season is a must! Our qualified technicians can ensure no damage has occurred throughout your system, and we’ll let you know if your creosote levels are excessive, as well. Once we’ve completed our inspection, we’ll advise you on the next appropriate steps.

Even if you haven’t experienced a chimney fire, there are a number of things that could be at fault with your chimney. From rusted flashing to broken chimney caps to crumbling brickwork and more, you could have some serious issues, all of which need to be addressed before lighting a fire. Keep your home and family as safe as possible this fall and winter by calling us in for an inspection today.

Why Schedule Early?

Many put their maintenance off until fall, but this is not recommended. Actually, the sooner you call our team of experts in, the better! We get really busy when the weather cools off, so scheduling early will guarantee you more convenience and fewer delays. You’ll be able to make an appointment during a time that works better with your schedule and, should we find damage that needs addressing, we can get that done long before your burning season begins.

Along with this, completing repairs in warmer weather tends to yield better results for your structure. There will be less weather-related complications, and the materials we use will have ample time to cure in the nice weather. In the winter, you could face freezing rain, snow, sleet, and more, all of which will cause problems.

Our Experienced Team Is Ready To Help

At Lou Curley’s, we’re experienced, certified, and passionate about bringing homeowners in Delaware County the best chimney care possible. Please reach out today, so that we can book your next appointment!