Insects in your home can be a nuisance, but some, like wasps, can actually hurt you. You already know that small animals and birds can nest in chimneys, but this is true for insects as well. Imagine what will happen if you try to use the chimney without realizing that wasps or bees are living in it. This is a situation that can be prevented with a few easy steps.

  1. Don’t attract them. If you want to keep wasps away, ensure that there is nothing lying around that will attract them. Exposed garbage can be a magnet for wasps and bees. Even bird feeders can sometimes attract these stinging insects.
  2. Call an exterminator. If you suspect that these insects are living in your chimney, call an exterminator before the cold season starts. A professional can check the chimney and get rid of any insects living in it. Afterwards, schedule a chimney cleaning to get rid of any remains of the nest or any other debris. The exterminator will check other areas around the home for wasps that might migrate to the chimney at some point.
  3. Install a top sealing damper. This will protect the opening of the chimney from small animals, and even insects. These dampers protect the chimney by keeping water out as well. While it forms a good seal, the damper will be open when you need to use the chimney.
  4. Monitor your home. You have to be vigilant if you want to keep insects out of your home. Be on the lookout for nests on eaves or in nearby trees and bushes. If you are up to it, use a ladder to reach the roof, and look inside the chimney. If you see any wasps, do not disturb them. Leave it to a professional.
  5. Check the chimney for air leaks. A warped flue can cause air to travel through the chimney. Wasps and bees will not nest in an area with no air flow. Any space that will allow air leaks will make the chimney attractive to insects.

If you know that wasps or bees are in your chimney, do not start a fire in the hopes that the smoke will drive them out. A large nest might cause a blockage, preventing proper venting of smoke. If the nest is ignited, this could start a fire in the chimney. Always make sure that the chimney is clear before you attempt to use your fireplace.

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