A fireplace is only enjoyable if the smoke goes where it is supposed to go, that is, upwards through the chimney. If there is too much smoke, some of it may leave the fireplace and enter the room. This is not only unpleasant, it can also be harmful. With the help of a chimney sweep, an excessive smoke problem can be addressed. Here are the main reasons why you may have this problem in your home.

A Chimney Draft

This is one of the good reasons to make a small business in a chimney cap. Cold air falls, so if it enters the chimney, it can slow the escape of smoke from the chimney. This extra pressure can push some of the smoke back into the home. Draft problems elsewhere in the home can also lead to smoke buildup in the home when you use your fireplace.

A mild air current does the job of pushing smoke out of the fireplace. A change in the interior air current can affect this process. Open windows and doors can cause a draft that restricts air flow through the chimney. If this happens when you are using the fireplace, the fire will produce more smoke. If smoke starts to fill the home, one of the first things to do is check to see if all windows and doors are closed.

Damage to the Flue

Here is another good reason to get your chimney inspected every year. The chimney flue not only prevents heat loss, it also helps the chimney to function properly. If there is a blockage of some kind, or it will not open fully, it will not vent all the smoke produced by the fireplace. In cases where fireplaces have a lot of smoke, this is sometimes a sign of chimney flue damage. It will need to be repaired or replaced, preferably before the colder months set in. A chimney cap can prevent debris from falling into the chimney and blocking the flue.

This problem can be made worse by the use of poorly seasoned wood in your fireplace. Be sure to use proper lighting techniques when starting a fire. For a safer fireplace and chimney in winter, the best step is regular checks by a chimney sweep, and that means every year. A professional can spot damage that can lead to excessive smoke before it even becomes a problem for you.

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