The chimney is a common feature for homes in Drexel Hill, so many of these homeowners will encounter a few issues along the way. Some chimney problems are easy to diagnose, even if you are not qualified to deal with them yourself. Knowing a few of the warning signs will help you to know when you should call a technician for assistance.

The Liners

Older, tile chimney liners experience a lot of wear and tear over time. Most modern or recently installed chimneys have stainless steel liners which are stronger, and last for longer periods. Most of the time liner damage goes undetected, but you may notice bits of debris in the fireplace.

The Chimney Crown

The main purpose of the crown is to keep water out of the chimney. It also shields the chimney from small animals and birds and windblown debris. If you go up to the roof, it will be easy to see any cracks in the crown which could eventually lead to more costly damage.

Mortar Damage

Weak mortar joints allow moisture to get in and rapidly hasten damage to the chimney. This is more common in older chimneys due to weather exposure, but poor chimney construction could be a factor as well. If you see flaking or cracks in the mortar joints, immediate repairs by a technician are necessary.

Chimney Flashing

The flashing seals the area where the chimney comes through the roof. If it is old or poorly done, water can seep in, leading to damage not just to the chimney, but to the rest of the home as well. Having a technician replace the flashing will not take long, and it is far cheaper than repairing the damage it will cause.

Peeling Wallpaper

If you notice the wallpaper around the chimney has started to bubble or peel, this is a clear sign of a leak. One possible cause is weakened mortar joints that are vulnerable to rain or melting snow. Deteriorating chimney flashing is another common cause of wallpaper damage around the chimney.

Every homeowner in Drexel Hill should be on the lookout for these signs in order to protect their chimneys and save on repairs. Check for damaged firebricks in the fireplace as well. With regular inspections, most of these problems will never arise. The technician will spot the weaknesses and deal with them before it is time to use your fireplace.

Fireplace Safety and Chimney Inspections in Drexel Hill

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