Homeowners are always looking for ways to save money, and we completely understand that. But don’t allow gimmicks and untruths to cloud your judgment where your family’s health and wellbeing are concerned. Chimney Sweeps can’t be replaced entirely by chimney sweeping logs or other chemicals that shouldn’t be in your chimney to begin with.

We’re trained professionals. We know what the interior of your chimney should look like and how it should function. Chimney sweeping logs may have the ability to reduce creosote buildup in your chimney, but here’s a list of things they cannot do:

  • Properly Clean Creosote from the Flue: Creosote is a black, tar-like substance that coats the interior of the flue. It’s a byproduct of fire, smoke, and condensation. It’s very flammable and the leading cause of chimney fires. Chimney fires often burn hot enough to catch the surrounding roof supports on fire, causing a house fire from the inside where you don’t know what’s going on until it’s too late to save much of the home – if any at all.
  • Repair the Flue or Chimney: Chimney damage isn’t always apparent. Yes, you will be able to see cracked masonry during your normal home maintenance routine, but you cannot repair it by burning chimney sweeping logs. This type of repair requires a certified chimney sweep.
  • Inspect and Advise: A regular chimney inspection may reveal that there is a family of raccoons living in the chimney, or that there are dried leaves or a bird nest sitting up there waiting to catch fire as soon as you start the fireplace and things heat up. This is very unfortunate for any animals that may have taken up residency in your chimney, and it is very dangerous for your household. Smoke and dangerous carbon monoxide can be pushed back into your home and cause serious health problems.

You, as the homeowner, need to thoroughly understand the risks you’re taking when you allow an inanimate object to take the place of a trained professional. Do some research on the types of chemicals you’re burning in the fireplace and allowing your family to breathe when you burn chimney sweeping logs. Pay attention to the allergies and other health and breathing issues some of those chemicals can cause. Then give us a call here at Lou Curley’s Chimney Service at 610-626-2439 to schedule an appointment with one of our CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps.