Being told you need to get major chimney repair might cause many thoughts to go running through your head, including images of dollar signs. However, not all repair jobs are alike, and a small job can help keep your overall chimney maintenance costs down. Bottom line, it pays to spot chimney problems early and take action quickly. Being vigilant is important, whether you live in an older home or new construction. Of course, if you live in an older house, you will have to be even more vigilant than the average homeowner. There are some important factors we to keep in mind even before any repair job begins.


No restoration or repair job can be successful without the right plan in place. With our extensive experience, we will know exactly how to approach the project after a thorough examination. We will keep in mind any architectural significance the chimney may have. We will also help you consider your pricing options if a total replacement is necessary.

Keeping up to Code

In some older homes, the chimneys do not meet current building codes. These codes govern many aspect of the chimney and any repair work such as the flue liner, the masonry, and the actual structure itself. Officials also provide guidelines for upgrading work, or any type of chimney restoration or repair. You won’t want to trust this type of job to just anyone.


This is a prime consideration no matter what type of chimney you have, and regardless of the scale of the repair job. Safety is one of the reasons for current building codes. We are familiar with all the regulations in parts of Montgomery, Delaware and Chester Counties, as well as other areas. Sometimes special considerations are made for older chimneys, and we will be able to inform you whether this is the case.

Hiring the Right Contractor

This is what makes a lot of homeowner nervous. It may feel challenging to find a contractor who knows about chimneys. You may have heard a few of the horror stories out there, and you know that a poorly done job can affect not only your chimney, but also your home and family’s safety. We are fully certified in chimney sweeping and inspection, and you can expect the kind of professional work that will put your mind at ease.

If you have questions about the state of your chimney, give me a call at Lou Curley’s Chimney service at 610-626-2439. After an inspection, we will be able to tell you whether the chimney liner needs to be replaced or repaired, or if your chimney structure is good to go!