A lot of preparation goes into getting ready for winter. This involves checking various sections of the home, making sure that you have the right clothes, and getting the thermostat examined. Of course, when it comes to heating, you don’t want to ignore your fireplace and chimney.

The cold period is the wrong time to be making a service call. Being prepared for the cold weather requires paying attention to every aspect of your heating. Safety should also be an important part of your preparation. Before winter, there are a few things you should do to keep your home warm and comfortable, but also safe from fires.

Attention to Safety

Chimneys and fireplaces play a role in a number of home fires each year. Therefore, maintenance is about more than just comfort; it plays a big role in your safety as well. Easy ways to ensure that the entire system is safe are:

  • Have the chimney swept at least once per year, but definitely before the beginning of the winter season. This will make using your fireplace a simple activity during the cold season.
  • Call us for a proper chimney and fireplace inspection once per year. This way we will know if there is any damage that needs our attention.
  • The chimney will need to be check just before winter starts for cracks or other damages that will need repairing and get them done.
  • Make sure that you have a chimney cap to keep debris from falling in, and to keep birds from nesting in the structure.
  • Stock up on the right type of wood for your fireplace. Denser types like oak produce less creosote, which means less buildup for the fireplace and chimney. Make sure to use dry wood, as this also produces less smoke and creosote. This highly combustible residue poses a significant fire hazard. You should also store the wood in a dry place.
  • Your fireplace should also have safety features such as a grate and a spark guard.

You will no doubt have many questions about getting your fireplace and chimney ready, and we can answer them all. We can provide advice on how to build the best fire for maximum warmth and less risk, while avoiding large, improperly built fires that do not provide the warmth needed to warm your home.

Call us for all your fireplace maintenance, cleaning and repair if you want to be warm in the winter without any concerns. Since winter is a certainty, your preparation should be as well. We can help you with this and any chimney or fireplace care needs you may have. Call any time at 610-626-2439 and we’ll schedule an appointment for your initial consultation.