Like other parts of your home, the chimney has a lifespan. We can show you how proper maintenance can increase the lifespan of your masonry chimney. Even when the construction is flawless, different factors can eventually cause the chimney to shift or develop cracks. This is usually due to the freeze and thaw cycles each winter and heavy rains throughout the summer. Over time, it breaks down the mortar joints, and if you fail to deal with the problem quickly it can become expensive. Constant exposure to moisture and the elements is always an obvious issue with an outdoor structure.

Older chimneys are more prone to cracks, so maintenance is even more important for owners. Here in Delaware County, we don’t have the earthquake worries that homeowners in California, for example, have. We aren’t going to necessarily be awakened in the middle of the night by an earthquake and the instant worry that our home and chimney are at risk. People who don’t hire a certified chimney sweep for regular inspections could be looking at major chimney damage when they do decide to call us. Cracks can cause toxins from smoke to seep into your home, so you should respond quickly when they occur.

Dealing with Cracks

Using water repellent is now a routine aspect of chimney maintenance, but it will not work for some cracks and holes. What you need is a sealant made specifically for use on the joints and for plugging cracks. These types of products are ideal when there is no major damage to the chimney. All you have to do is paint it on and it will seal the defects. If you are going to use a crack sealant, find out whether it will work best if you had already used a another product . Read the labels so that you understand important issues like application and drying time.

When you are planning to buy any type of chimney crack sealant, the warranty should be one of your concerns. Some brands will offer protection for up to ten years. Since some cracks can be really deep, the product must be able to penetrate far enough to stop water intrusion. These basic chimney touch-ups should be easy enough for you to handle on your own, so make sure the sealant must be simple to apply.

ChimneySaver products are helping many homeowners to extend the life of their chimneys. Coupled with regular inspections and maintenance, there is no reason why your chimney should not last a long time. We trust ChimneySaver’s waterproofing products and use them regularly throughout Delaware County. If you need to know the best ways to care for your chimney we are here to offer advice. Chimneys are our business, and our only goal is to ensure that you can use it safely for many years.