Children are naturally curious, which is a good thing when it comes to them exploring and learning about the world. However, there are certain things in this world that are extremely dangerous to little ones. One dangerous item is a lit fire in a fireplace and while you have probably warned your children that fire is hot, that knowledge is not going to completely stop them from checking it out on their own.

Here are 5 ways to keep your children safe when a fire is burning:

  1. Stay in the room: You or another adult should always be in the room with your children when a fire is burning. This way you can pay attention to what your children are doing and keep them from going near the fire. 
  2. Use glass doors: Sometimes being in the same room is not enough, because children are quick and accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Therefore, we recommend installing glass doors that you can keep closed when you have a fire lit. These doors will stay cool to the touch, even with a roaring fire behind them. These doors even have locking mechanisms that can be installed for those curious children who are learning how to open doors. 
  3. Use a safety gate: A safety gate can keep your children completely away from the fireplace and the surrounding hearth. This is one of the best options available, just keep in mind that the gates can be climbed, so they are no substitute for supervision. 
  4. Watch the tools: You will need to use fireplace tools when you have a fire burning, but we recommend keeping them in a place where your children can’t reach them. After all, a poker makes a great sword and a shovel can be used as a bat. 
  5. Keep the rules consistent: It is so easy to let your children play on the hearth during the summer months when there is no fire in the fireplace, but that is not a good idea, because then they will not completely understand why they cannot play there when a fire is lit. It is better to be consistent through the year and tell your children that the hearth is off limits at all times.

These recommendations can help keep your children safe when you have a fire going during this next heating season. Of course, you know your children and may need to implement more safety restrictions depending on their ages and curiosity factors.

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