The holiday season is a time of gatherings with family and friends. Many homeowners host family dinners and holiday celebrations in their home, so decorations and safety must go hand-in-hand. We know that a lot of people enjoy keeping a fire in the fireplace while the festivities are in full swing to lend a feeling of warmth and tradition. That’s why we’ve put together a list of five things you can do to keep visitors safe around a live fireplace during the holidays.

  • Communicate: Make sure everyone who attends understands that you will have a fire burning. Explain all of your house rules regarding the fireplace, surrounding safety mechanisms, and nearby decorations. Ask parents and owners of pets to keep an eye on their child or pet to make sure no one gets hurt.
  • Gate: Install a gate such as a baby gate around the entire hearth if you’re expecting people with young children or pets. This will keep you from worrying that they will get too close and get hurt. This also provides a boundary for gifts, wrapping paper, and other combustibles.
  • Screen: A fireplace screen will keep embers from popping out and landing on carpeting, furniture, gifts, people, or pets. Use a decorative screen to add to the overall holiday feel.
  • Doors: Glass doors are a beautiful way to view the fire from safety. The doors themselves may get hot, so make sure children and pets can’t get close enough to touch them.
  • Bumper: A bumper along the outer edges of the hearth will protect everyone from accidental bumps or falls into the corner of the hearth. A lot of homeowners use swimming pool floatation devices to cover the sharp edges of the hearth. These work really well and can be decorated to match the other holiday decor.

The holidays are a time for cheer and to show love and appreciation to each other. We hope your holidays are filled with love, happiness, and safe gatherings with your family and friends. Share our holiday safety tips with others who may be hosting holiday events at their own home.

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