Our Flashing Repair & Waterproofing Services Can Keep Your Home Leak-Free

The flashing of your chimney refers to the layered metal sheets that are located where the chimney meets the roof. You may also see flashing around stacks or vents.

chimney on a roof of the house

What Does Chimney Flashing Do?

The function of the flashing is to prevent water entry where the chimney and roof meet and to quickly lead water away from the chimney and down into the guttering, where it belongs.

Most commonly, flashing fails as a result of these issues:

  • Water corrosion
  • Poor installation
  • Low-quality materials
  • Animal tampering
  • Severe weather

Strong winds and animals can lift or dent the flashing, and while lifted flashing will allow water to enter this vulnerable area, dented flashing can allow water to pool. Over time, water can rust through in these spots, and leave an opening for more moisture to make its way down into the home. Flashing is especially prone to leaks and failures when low-quality metals are used or when installation is done improperly.

If your chimney flashing is damaged or otherwise non-functioning, it should be repaired as quickly as possible to prevent serious leaks and costly water damage — and we can help. Our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney sweeps provide expert flashing repairs and can seal and waterproof your flashing using ChimneySaver FlashSeal.

What Is FlashSeal?

FlashSeal is a sealant that is brushed onto the flashing for a flexible waterproofing finish that stops leaks. Available in three colors — brown, black, and white — FlashSeal can discreetly, but effectively, seal and protect flashing on any home. It also carries a 7-year warranty, so you can rest assured your flashing will be protected against leaks, storm after storm.

Is it time to have your flashing repaired and waterproofed? Schedule an inspection with one of our certified chimney professionals by calling 610-626-2439 or filling out our online appointment request form. We’ll take a look at your flashing, check for any leaks, damage, or weaknesses, and let you know what needs to be done to keep your chimney and home leak-free. Call or click here to get started today!


Would a chimney cap installation take care of your chimney leak repair needs? Talk to one of our experienced professionals to find out about your options.