Hosting your family and friends for Thanksgiving is a big deal! Most circles of family and friends share the responsibility to host within the circle and alternate from year to year. Cooking, entertainment for multiple age groups, and household safety, are major contributing factors to hosting a successful gathering. Today I want to discuss some important fireplace safety tips that you can pass along to your guests during Thanksgiving.

Fire Escape Plan

Share your emergency escape plan with visitors who will be spending a lot of time at your home. Make sure the emergency escape plan is posted on the refrigerator or somewhere that is easily visible for your guests. No one ever plans to have a house fire, chimney fire, kitchen fire, or any other emergency; make sure that your guests are properly prepared in case of an emergency.

Visiting Children

Children have very few filters. By this, I mean that they are always on the go. They run from one area to another due to excitement, not because they don’t want to abide by your “no running inside” rules. Children simply forget rules when they become overly excited. You may have to remind them several times not to run in the kitchen or near the fireplace.

I have another blog post regarding fireplace safety with children if you’d like to give it a quick read before the excitement begins.

Visiting Pets

Pets love fireplaces! A fireplace that is not in use is a small square area that looks like the perfect spot to curl up and take a nap, away from feet, children, and other pets. Most pets like to hide in a small area, they feel protected. Unfortunately, if your visiting canine companion decides to nap in your fireplace, you will need to offer your bathroom so the owner may wash away the ash and soot.

I’ve written other blog posts about how to keep pets out of the fireplace, and fireplace safety with pets if you’d like to review those before a visiting pet arrives.

Thanksgiving Decor

Philadelphia is starting to get chilly; I think we can all agree with that. Many of us are already using our fireplace well before Thanksgiving. Please make sure to keep all of your Thanksgiving decorations away from the fireplace while it is in use and follow these safety precautions as well:

  • Keep the fire screen in place at all times
  • Keep the pathway around the fireplace clear to prevent trip and fall accidents
  • Warn small children about the danger of getting too close to the fireplace
  • Don’t stack your firewood too high while you have guests in the home
  • Make sure to empty the ashes as needed – don’t get distracted and forget

Happy Thanksgiving from Lou Curley’s Chimney Service!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, happy, and safe Thanksgiving! Remember all of your fire safety tips for visitors, children, pets, and decorations, and please call me if it’s time for your yearly inspection and cleaning.