ThanksgivingTurkeyAnimals have an instinctual aversion to fire and naturally stay away from it. Unfortunately, accidents still happen every year. That thought is what brings me to write this blog post today. I’ve come up with six tips to help enforce fireplace safety with your pets. I tried to focus on households with different types of pets, because not everyone owns dogs exclusively.

Dressing Up for the Holidays

Many people dress their pets in hats and clothing for a variety of holidays. Make sure your pet’s clothing stays away from the flame. Never use alcohol-containing products, such as hair spray or perfumes, on your pets if they will be near the fireplace or candles.

Never Leave Fires Unattended

Only use your fireplace when you’re going to be in the room. Unattended fires cause damage ranging from holes in carpet due to embers popping out, to full-blown house fires. Pets are curious when they see something thrown, and an ember is an object thrown out of a blazing hot fire.

Keep Pet Toys Away from the Fireplace

This one is probably pretty obvious – keep all combustible pet toys at least two feet away from the fireplace. Teach your pet this rule from the very beginning by showing them that toys don’t even come into the same room with the fireplace.

Don’t Use Decor that Resembles Pet Toys

Mantle decorations that resemble pet toys should never be used. That nice snow globe may look great on the mantle, but your dog sees a ball. The lovely holiday garland looks very pretty, but your dog sees a tug toy, your cat sees something to swat at, and your bird sees a challenging piece of string to pull. Suddenly that lovely piece of holiday garland becomes a dangerous piece of decoration that shouldn’t be around the fireplace.

Fireplace Screen

A fireplace screen allows you and your pet to enjoy the crackling flames and the warmth they provide while keeping your pet and the area surrounding the fireplace safe. Some fireplace screens are very pretty and add to the overall decor in the room.

Hot Glass

Avoid fireplace screens and doors that contain glass if possible. Pets are curious and may touch the glass if they see their own reflection or that of a toy. Hot glass can cause serious burns.

Your Ideas

Do you have any specific things you do to keep your pets away from the fireplace? Share your fireplace safety tips in the comments section below, I’d love to hear from you. Your ideas may help my other readers protect their pets from injury due to fireplace curiosity.