Every homeowner has a schedule for maintenance tasks, but a few areas may not get the kind of attention they deserve. One home feature that needs to be revisited each year is the fireplace. An annual inspection will tell you all you need to know about its condition. You can make any necessary repairs before you have to use it again. What you definitely want to avoid, is a situation where your fireplace starts to give problems in the winter when you really need it. This can be highly inconvenient.

Summer is an ideal time for a fireplace and chimney inspection and cleaning. In fact, some professional chimney sweeps expect a lot of calls from customers during the summer. Of course, chimney sweeps deal with fireplace and chimney problems in the winter as well.

Chimney Water Problems

The very nature of a chimney makes it susceptible to leaks and moisture intrusion. Eventually, the chimney will not be the only part of the home that is affected. Protect your home with regular inspections, and deal with water problems as soon as you notice them. The severity of chimney water issues varies, but the longer it is left unattended, the worse it will get. If you allow the chimney to deteriorate, you will be facing expensive repairs.

Believe it or not, water is worse for your chimney than the heat from the fire. Water can seep in through the flashing where the chimney is connected to the roof or even through the masonry itself. You could end up with damage to the attic and the ceiling. The masonry inside and outside can begin to weaken, creating a hazard. Repointing the masonry is an excellent way to stop damage that has already occurred. Waterproofing solutions are available to protect your masonry chimney from water damage throughout the year.

Bad Fireplace Smells

During the hot days of summer you may begin to notice a bad smell coming from the fireplace. This is due to a combination of the heat and water coming in through the chimney, and creosote buildup. A cleaning session will rid your home of these smells. There is also the possibility that the smell is due to an animal that made its way into the chimney and died there. An inspection will allow us to track down the root of the smell and dispose of it for you.

When you get your chimney inspected and cleaned in the summer, you should be good for the cold winter period. Act now to safeguard your chimney and fireplace. Call us at Lou Curley to protect your property and the components of your chimney system.