Everyone wants to save money any way they can. I completely understand that, especially in today’s economy things are getting tough and money’s tight. It seems like everything is getting more expensive but wages aren’t getting any higher. However, when it comes to your chimney it is not a good idea to be a penny pincher. Let’s talk about why this is.

The National Fire Protection Association states that everyone with a fireplace should have an annual inspection by a qualified technician. Unless you are a qualified technician yourself, this means you need to hire someone like me. There are so many reasons why you should leave the job of inspecting your chimney to an expert. If you don’t know what you are doing you could miss something very important and this could turn into a dangerous situation.

The purpose of the chimney is to let all smoke and dangerous gases escape into the air where they dissipate and become relatively harmless. If you fail to have your fireplace and chimney properly cleaned and inspected you could set yourself up for carbon monoxide poisoning, chimney fire, house fire, structural damage, or a host of other problems. 

Here are some problems that could occur with your fireplace and chimney.

Chimney could have missing or broken bricks

The mortar may be deteriorated

Flue tiles can be broken, cracked, or missing

You could have hairline crack in the tile flue liner. This could result in exposing your home to excessive heat and could eventually lead to a fire

Any kind of debris can block the passage way for the smoke and gases to be let out

Small animals may have taken up residency inside the chimney

These can all lead to serious problems, so instead of pinching pennies when it comes to your chimney, limit it to your grocery bill. A professional chimney sweep knows exactly what to look for and how to clean it thoroughly and properly without costing a fortune.

I’m just a phone call away for residents of Delaware County, Wayne, Norristown, Chester Springs, Exton, West Chester, Wallingford, and Chester in northeast Philadelphia. As a resident of Delaware County, and a small business owner, I completely understand the desire to cut corners and save money. That’s why I go above and beyond to help my clients save their hard-earned cash. 

My process is quite simple really; I inspect or clean your chimney, and charge a reasonable rate. I’m not part of a franchise, and I don’t have a lot of overhead. This allows me to keep my rates lower than the bigger companies. I help homeowners spot potential con men and scammers who wander in from time to time looking for an easy scoop. 

Give me a call any time to schedule your annual chimney cleaning and inspection before your first fire of the year. Remember, many hidden issues could prevent your fireplace and chimney from working efficiently. Don’t risk fire or carbon monoxide poisoning by starting a fire in an unprepared fireplace.