Is the spring rain revealing leaks in your chimney system? Then, it is time to invest care from a team of experts who knows all about fireplace. The team here at Lou Curley’s Chimney Service is ready to handle any of your leak-related issues. Our CSIA certified crew always puts your needs and concerns above all else. Chimney leaks are not something to take lightly, and our team is dedicated to making sure every home in Delaware County is leak free and safe. Count on our team to help you out today!

Dangers Of A Leaky Chimney

rainbow outside a windowSo, why are chimney leaks such a big deal? Well, for one thing, they weaken your structure significantly. Your brickwork is very absorbent, and it does not take long for water to enter and start breaking it down. The longer you go without addressing these damages, the more damage your system will suffer. You could easily experience a major issue like a settlement or collapse, if you don’t address damages in a timely manner.

Not only would this problem be time-consuming and costly to fix, but it could put your loved ones at risk. If you ask us, it is not worth taking any chances. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment with our staff. We can have your system inspected and repaired in no time.

Chimney leaks also affect your house as well such as the interior walls and ceilings. Unsightly stains can form in a hurry and significant damage can be caused. Soon, you will be piling on roof and ceiling repairs into your home care routine, along with chimney damages you have experienced. Not to mention, all the water inside of your home could easily lead to rot, rust, and mold. All in all, investing in care as soon as possible can make a big difference, and it saves you time, money, and stress down the road.

Invest In Waterproofing Today

When it comes down to it, waterproofing is a necessary service to invest in when it comes to the health of your chimney and fireplace. The pros here at Lou Curley’s use a strong and vapor permeable product called ChimneySaver. We guarantee your chimney will have the long-lasting protection it deserves for many years.

Let us handle any repair work you need, so you can get back to using your fireplace with the peace of mind you deserve. We are certified with the CSIA, the NFI, and the FIRE, so you can put your worries to rest. Call today to set up your appointment!