You might not think about waterproofing your chimney until you have a problem or until we check it and find a leak. The position of chimneys makes them susceptible to weather, especially since the masonry material is quite porous. A chimney rain cap can usually stop most of the rain from getting in, but you can still have leaks in the joints and the flashing. Waterproofing your chimney is a money saver as it will lower the chances of developing chimney problems over time. It will also save you money on possible home repairs if the water might cause further damage to other sections of the home.

Since we are talking about old chimneys, just waterproofing may not be enough since some leaking may have already occurred. If this is the case, you need to repair whatever damage there is before applying any waterproofing material to the chimney. If there are no leaks, the chimney will still need to be cleaned before the application of any type of waterproofing material. This will require that we remove soot, ash and creosote.

Many homeowners may want to cut cost and apply a sealant or even paint to the outside of the chimney as a waterproofing method. While this may work for a while, it will also serve to weaken the structure a lot quicker as these materials will also trap moisture inside. When a professional does the waterproofing, they know what material to use that will not only keep water out, but allow the chimney to breath as well. This is necessary, as moisture also needs to leave so as not to cause further damage over time.

We can give you a precise analysis of your chimney’s state and the type of work it needs to keep water from coming in. Sometimes the bricks are the problems and they may need to be replaced. The mortar could also be the reason why you have a leaky chimney. Any cracks in the exterior of the chimney should be repaired as quickly as possible.

When your chimney is waterproofed by trained professionals, you can take comfort that this will help protect it for between five to 10 years depending on the warranty on the material used. Of course, the maintenance measures you take to care for your chimney will also play a part in how long it stands up to the elements. Keeping an eye on this area of your home is just another aspect of overall maintenance. Calling us to check the leak is just the smart way to go.

We all know that chimneys in the Philadelphia suburbs must be able to withstand all of the elements. The changes of season here are often brutal, and winters are becoming increasingly colder while summers are getting hotter and storms are becoming harsher. Your chimney has to deal with all of those changes in temperature, rain, and wind. Schedule an inspection and cleaning at least once per year in order to help maintain the safety of your chimney and fireplace.