Chimney fires make up roughly 15,000 home fires each year. This number could be dramatically decreased if more homeowners would make sure to clean and inspect the chimney at least once per year. Some homeowners tell us that they aren’t sure what to look for when looking for damage due to a chimney fire. So that’s our topic for today – 9 tell tale signs of a chimney fire.

  1. Cracked or Damaged Flue Tiles – Extreme heat will damage the flue, and likely break the tiles.
  2. Warped Metal Accessories and Parts – Extreme heat will damage the damper and other metal parts from the interior of the fireplace, wood stove, and chimney.
  3. Flakes of Creosote on the Ground or Roof – Creosote burns up and floats away like ash. Pieces may be found lying around the immediate area if the chimney fire was recent.
  4. Damaged Roof – The roof will likely sustain heat damage in the form of burns, scorching, or warping.
  5. Cracks in the Masonry – Masonry cracks over time, but if the cracks appear suddenly and black, they’re likely caused by a chimney fire.
  6. Smoke Escaping in Odd Places – A chimney fire damages the flue, so smoke may escape from nearly anywhere around the chimney.
  7. Puffy or Honeycombed Creosote – Creosote should be smooth and shiny while inside the flue. Puffy or honeycombed creosote is an indication that it has been exposed to extreme temperatures.
  8. Damaged Roof Accessories – A TV antenna or other roof adornment that is near the chimney may be damaged or warped.
  9. Discolored or Damaged Chimney Cap – The chimney cap is the metal piece that tops the chimney to protect it from the elements and small creatures. It takes serious damage during a chimney fire because heat rises.

Chimney fires burn very intensely and extremely hot. They’re generally explained as producing a roaring sound as the flames burn so intensely in close quarters. The sheer heat produced by a chimney fire can cause surrounding support beams to burst into flames and cause a house fire. Not every chimney fire will produce a house fire, but they will cause serious damage to the chimney itself.

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