When winter hits, it is nice to know that you can enjoy the warmth of your fireplace. You probably already know that your chimney needs regular cleaning, but you can also contribute to chimney cleanliness. The wood you use in the fireplace is an important factor in the long term health of the fireplace and chimney. Knowing how to store wood at home is an important step in using your fireplace properly when the temperature drops.

The Cut

If you plan to cut your own wood, it is best to split it into triangular lengths. This makes it easier to stack the pieces and to make better use of your storage space. Triangular pieces also provide more stability to the pile, since round sections can roll away.

Increase exposure

Whether you buy or cut wood, you should do it long before the winter season settles into the area. At that point, the wood will not be properly seasoned, but storing it properly will ensure that it dries well. Put the wood in a spot where it will be exposed to sunlight. Even if it occasionally gets wet by the rain, the sun will hasten the drying process. There should also be enough air circulation to ensure that all of the pieces are dried.

Raise the Pile

When you raise your stack of wood off the ground you give it a better chance of drying. When the pile is raised, it is less likely to develop mold growths. Letting the wood rest on the ground can also cause it to rot.

Ensure that the woodpile is always properly supported to prevent injuries caused by accidental slippage when pieces are being removed. Always gather wood from the top layers to prevent injury from pieces of wood falling from above the piece you’re picking up. For example, one end of the pile can rest against trees, and you can use sturdy posts on the other end. It is generally a good idea to keep the woodpile away from outdoor sheds and other buildings due to the risk of fire. If you decide that this is the best option for you, be sure to take all the necessary precautions.

At Lou Curley Chimney Service, we not only clean chimneys and fireplaces, we can also provide tips on the right type of wood to burn. We will provide all the advice you need to use your fireplace and chimney safely. Clean burning wood slows the buildup of creosote which creates a fire hazard. It is therefore wise to pay attention to the type of wood you use, and the way you store it.

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