With environmental protection becoming an even more pressing concern, many homeowners are looking at the ways they use energy in the home. Since fireplaces produce smoke, some people think that they are inherently unfriendly to the environment, but it is really not that simple. Take for example the fact that many people are opting for wood burning fireplaces over gas or electric types. The reason for this is simple; wood is seen as a renewable form of energy, since it is possible to keep planting new trees. So while wood burning does produce smoke, it is still a good way to keep warm. If you are concerned about the impact of fireplaces on the environment, you can try to use yours in a more eco-friendly manner.

Use Quality Seasoned Firewood

Some fireplace owners do not think about where they buy their firewood. Do not make this mistake, as you could end up buying unseasoned firewood. When this is burned, it produces more gases that can harm the environment. It can also produce unpleasant smells in the home. The term unseasoned wood simply means that it has not been properly dried. Buy from reputable suppliers or make sure you chop your wood early enough to give it time to dry. Wood with high moisture content produces more smoke and less heat.

Only Use Very Dry Wood in the Fireplace

It is not common, but in a few instances, people have put any type of burnable material they have in their fireplaces. This will not only produce bad smells, it could be hazardous to your health. Some of these materials produce toxic fumes when burnt, and this can be harmful to the environment as well. Your fireplace is made for wood only, so don’t try to use something because it is handy, or because you want to get rid of it.

Keep Your Chimney Clean

This usually goes without saying, but you might be guilty of not maintaining your chimney as well as you should. Even if from a visual inspection your chimney seems ok, get it inspected and cleaned before the winter season. This will greatly improve the efficiency of the fireplace, and there will be fewer harmful emissions.

Your fireplace will never be 100 percent eco-friendly, but you can do enough to reduce its effect on the environment. There is no problem with your fireplace or chimney that we are not equipped to handle. Call us at 610-626-2439 for an inspection, and we can provide tips to improve efficiency and keeping your heating bill from rising.