Most of the time, rain is a welcome feature of nature, but for property owners it can bring a number of problems. As the summer starts to heat up, the rains can offer some relief. If your chimney is not in the best shape, you will find this out quickly. Chimney leaks can be a serious problem because it can cause damage to the rest of the building. Chimney technicians deal with these kinds of repairs frequently each year. Any chimney can have a leak, so here are some of the effects this can have on your house.

Why do Chimneys Leak?

A new chimney should have no leaks unless it has suffered structural damage due to a storm or some other natural occurrence. Leaks are usually more common with older chimneys. Over the course of a few years, the freeze thaw cycles puts a lot of stress of the chimney mortar. As it breaks down, what happens next is moisture intrusion. Another main source of chimney leaks is worn flashing. The flashing covers the area where the chimney and the roof meet, so it is a vulnerable spot. Even one weak spot can cause water to enter the home, leaving you to deal with rot and mold growth. Most people have caps on their chimneys, and you don’t it is easy for water to get in.

The Effects of Leaks

The best way to spot leaks is to have a technician check the chimney early, preferably at the start of summer. This is good weather for chimney work, and quick repairs will protect the chimney and your home. Having a leaky chimney during the rainy period can lead to problems such as:

  • Chimney odors from wet creosote
  • Water spots in the ceiling
  • Dampness in the attic
  • Musty odors in the home
  • Rusting of the damper

Signs of Leaks

If you realize that your chimney is leaking, do not wait too long to call a sweep. Some of the most common signs people notice are:

  • Dripping sounds
  • Flaking masonry
  • Condensation inside the firebox

If you have to deal with the occasional storm in your area, this is all the more reason to call a sweep for an early summer appointment. A few days of rain can do a lot of damage, leaving you with costly repairs. It is best to deal with small leaks early and cheaply, and protect the chimney for the rest of the year.

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