Now that the summer season is about to kick off, spring cleaning should not be the only thing on your mind. Having used your fireplace throughout the previous winter, the chimney will need some attention. When you put together your summer home maintenance checklist, the chimney should be on it. With all this great summer weather, it is the perfect time to get your chimney inspected, and if necessary, deal with repairs. Here are a few tips to help you to get ready for the next winter season.

  • Set an appointment for the slow period. Surprisingly, many people tend to ignore chimney maintenance in the early part of summer. This means that in June and July sweeps do not have full schedules. This makes it easy for you to get an appointment that is convenient for you, and to deal with chimney repairs quickly.
  • Deal with chimney damage. If you or a chimney sweep spotted cracks in the structure but no action was taken, now is the time. Waiting until the temperature starts to drop will make the repair work more difficult. Sweeps like to deal with chimney repairs in the warmer months, especially if masonry work is necessary. Cold weather can affect the curing process so the work may not be as effective as needed.
  • Deal with chimney odors. This is something people usually notice when the weather gets warm. It happens when the creosote deposited by wood burning is exposed to moisture. If you have not cleaned the chimney in a while, these odors can be very strong. Chimney deodorizing products can help to minimize the smell, but the best way to deal with it is to clean out the creosote.
  • Check your chimney cap. Chimney caps can be damaged or become dislodged, so check it to make sure it is in good condition. If you don’t have a cap talk to the sweep about getting the right type. It will keep rain out of the chimney, and prevent debris and small animals from getting inside.
  • Check inside the home. Look for signs of moisture around the area of the chimney. This could indicate a chimney leak or worn flashing that must be replaced.

Chimney sweeps deal with many calls later in the year, but this is typically a rush period as people hurry to get ready for winter. When winter comes, you should be able to use your chimney comfortably, knowing you dealt with all the problems early.

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