There are plenty of good reasons to quickly deal with a leaky chimney in your home. When water comes in contact with creosote, it produces bad smells that linger in the home. Moisture that enters through the chimney can lead to mold growth and rot, and eventually expensive repairs. Here are some useful solutions for this common problem.

Get a chimney cap. Most of the time, water enters the chimney through the opening at the top. This is easy because the rain will simply fall right into the structure. This can lead to a rusty damper and smelly creosote. Put on a chimney cap to keep out the rain, and this will keep birds from nesting inside the structure as well.

Install a liner. If your chimney has no liner you could face a number of problems. The main one is condensation from inside the structure affecting the interior walls of the house. You may see wallpaper or paint start to peel, or you ay start to notice large wet spots. A chimney liner can easily keep this from happening.

Waterproof the chimney. Waterproofing the chimney is a cheap way to avoid expensive chimney and home repairs. Mortar and bricks have porous surfaces, so it is easy for water to seep in. This can lead to deterioration of the surface and the chimney itself. Talk to your chimney sweep about the best waterproofing products for your type of chimney.

Check the flashing. If your chimney is leaking, there is a good chance the flashing is the culprit. Flashing will always need work at some point, but in a few cases, improper installation is the cause of leaks. If this is the source, a technician can make the necessary fixes, but you should purchase a flashing sealant for further protection.

Fix the crown. Cracks in the chimney crown are a common cause of leaks, and one of the easiest to deal with. A good mortar repair job should deal with this problem. If you ignore small cracks, water that gets in will freeze in winter and worsen the damage to the crown.

With so many simple solutions for dealing with leaking chimneys, there are no reasons why you should face another winter with this problem. This is another good reason to call the chimney sweep early so you can find leaks and carry out repairs right away.

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