With the advancement and modern age of industrialization, the number of houses with chimneys grew exponentially. Sweeping chimneys is quite an old profession and very first mechanical sweeping machine invented in 1803 by Smart. Chimney sweeping was considered to be one of the most hazardous, difficult and low paying profession of the era resulting in verse, ballad and pantomime with the passage of time. But believe me, it isn’t always the same old song and dance.

The chimney sweeping profession still has its roots in the industry field with advanced and innovative equipment. A standard chimney cleaning brush is still used along with modern tools including vacuum, closed caption cameras and other special chimney cleaning equipment. The industry has grown so well that we now service the chimney structures connected to different venting systems for different appliances such s oil, natural gas, pellet, and wood.

We have an experienced, professional, and well trained crew to resolve problems related to your chimneys like chimney sweeping, relining, crown repair, rebuilding of masonry chimneys etc. Our basic purpose is to provide our customers with solutions to all chimney problems. Customer satisfaction is our very first priority.

Incomplete Combustion Creates Creosote

One main problem with chimneys is the incomplete combustion of wood that causes the formation of creosote. There is abundant amount of tar present in smoky fire and these vapors start condensing inside the flue and stick to it. Creosote is the primary cause of chimney fires. It is very difficult to see with an untrained eye because it is solid black and smooth against the inside of the flue.

You may use a strong flashlight to look through the chimney if you’d like to perform a chimney inspection on your own. If you see a black residue on the inside of the flue, you have creosote buildup. A very thin layer of 1/8 inch should be cleaned out as quickly as possible. A yearly inspection and professional cleaning is highly recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, and many insurance agencies require inspection and cleaning to renew insurance each year.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has valuable resources to help you find a chimney sweep in your area and vet any chimney sweeps who show up at your door offering services. Please remember that chimney sweeps aren’t door-to-door salesmen. We don’t walk through neighborhoods drumming up business. We offer a service and wait for homeowners just like you to call us for an appointment. If you’re ever approached by someone claiming to be a chimney sweep, check their credentials at the CSIA website.

Schedule your yearly chimney inspection and cleaning around the same time each year so you won’t forget it. Most homeowners choose a date that they’ll easily remember, such as a birthday or a holiday. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment to inspect the structure of your chimney and clean out the creosote, call us at 610-626-2439 or email me at loucurley@loucurley.com.