Are you finally closing out your fireplace for the season? Many homeowners do not perform end of the season maintenance for their fireplace, which can wind up costing them lots of money down the line. If you want to do things right to ensure your fireplace and chimney stay strong and healthy for years, you should invest in a chimney sweeping now! Luckily for the people of Delaware County, PA, Lou Curley’s Chimney Service is here to help! 

Why So Early?

man sweeping chimneySo, what are the benefits of getting a chimney sweeping now? First of all, you beat the crowds. Many people do not even think about chimney maintenance until temperatures start to cool down again. With cold weather and holidays, people tend to rush and get their fireplace ready. Finding times that are convenient for our customers is a goal we always try to achieve, but sometimes it is not possible, especially during the fall and winter. A spring sweeping, on the other hand, is easy to book because we are far less busy.

Another reason to schedule maintenance early is to remove creosote deposits that have built up over the winter. Creosote is harmful to your system. It can cause disgusting odor in your house when mixed with the humid air of summer. Along with this, creosote is highly flammable. If you decide to light up a fire on a cold and stormy summer night, you would likely face a higher risk of a chimney fire. Chimney fires cause significant damage to your structure, making you prone to gas leaks and house fires.

Finally, a chimney that cannot vent properly will experience all kinds of issues, and it will fail to provide efficient fires. If you want to ensure any clogs and obstructions, you should hire a CSIA certified crew right away. We would be more than happy to clear dangers out of your chimney!

Need Repair Work?

Sometimes when we sweep or inspect your chimney, we might discover damage to address. By noting these issues early, and addressing them before the cold and busy season, your fireplace will be ready for use when the cold strikes. After all, who wants to go through the holidays without a working fireplace? We offer relining services, firebox repairs, smoke chamber repairs, leaky chimney repairs, and restoration services. Call us now, our team is looking forward to serving you!