So you have a leaky chimney and you know it needs to be repaired, but where do you go? You need a professional chimney sweep for most chimney related problems. Look no further than Lou Curley’s Chimney Service if you are in the greater Philadelphia area. Now let’s take a look at specific repairs and prevention methods you should consider as needed.

Crown Repair: The crown is the first line of defense against any rainfall, snow or debris. This large slab of concrete is designed to protect the flue and so it is essential to repair it should there be damage.

A sealant that is easy to brush or trowel on will likely suffice if there is minimum damage to your crown. They’re often good enough to withstand the elements and protect the, but should you need a complete make-over, Lou Curley will give you a new poured concrete crown with a built in drip edge to direct water away from the chimney.

Waterproofing: Should your masonry chimney be absorbing large amounts of water, which allows for sustainable plant life, you could also consider a VOC compliant solvent-base water repellent spray to gradually prolong the life of your masonry. It has a guarantee of 10 years and does not leave any glossy residue behind. Having this repellent on your chimney will greatly reduce any water damage and will allow your masonry to last longer.

Firebox Repairs: The back of your fireplace has bricks that will gradually decay as a result of the heat. Lou Curley can rebuild the back of your fireplace. He can also offer you cast iron firebacks that will help protect the bricks from the heat.

Smoke Chamber Repairs: Too often, smoke chambers are made very poorly. They are often not built thick enough and the jagged smoke pathway makes it very difficult for the smoke to pass through. In addition, many smoke chambers leave many large gaps all along the inside of the chimney. These gaps can allow fire heat to gain access to nearby combustibles which can be incredibly dangerous.

We can help with this by coating your smoke chamber with high temperature cement and making a smooth passageway for your smoke as well as keeping the heat from transferring through the bricks into the house.

Other Repairs: Smoke stain removal services and brick and stone pointing on the outside of your chimney are common repairs – especially on older chimneys. As the uppermost part of the chimney isn’t warmed by the rest of the house, it becomes much more susceptible to winter frost and thawing effects. Smoking and other draft problems can be included as well if you have a need for this.

Protect Your Investment

Your chimney is a very important addition to your home and ensuring that yours stays in good working order is our specialty at Lou Curley’s Chimney Service. Whatever your need may be, we will be there to support your decision and offer quality work that will have lasting effects. Call us at 610-626-2439 to schedule an appointment for your annual chimney inspection or to discuss repairs you feel are needed.