Installing fireplace glass doors is a good way to make the fireplace look more attractive, but this accessory serves an important function as well. It plays a role in making the fireplace safer to use. With so many different styles and patterns, you can find the right one whether you have a factory built fireplace or a masonry type.

Making the Fireplace Safer

Fires can give off sparks, which is why it is a good idea to move furniture a safe distance. Glass doors act as a spark arrestor, keeping the sparks from entering the room and creating a fire hazard. Most people focus on the fire risk posed by creosote inside the chimney but this is another thing you should pay attention to.

If any burning logs tumble off the pile, the glass doors will keep them inside the firebox, instead of rolling out into the room. Even if this does not start a fire it can cause damage to flooring. Someone standing near the fireplace can also be injured if there is nothing to stop logs from rolling out.

Increasing Efficiency

The draft is an important factor in the efficiency of a fireplace. When the fireplace is open, warm air can escape through the chimney. In the summer months, cool air will escape in the same way. This will decrease the efficiency of the home’s HVAC system. Even if you close the damper, small amounts of air may still be able to escape if it does not seal properly. Installing fireplace doors will give you another level of protection from air loss.

Getting the Right Type

A few factors will influence the type of fireplace doors you choose. The most important ones are:

  • The size of the fireplace: since the doors must cover the opening of the firebox, the size of the doors is important. Start by measuring the fireplace so you can get doors that fit properly. Custom glass doors are available if your fireplace is different from traditional types.
  • The home’s décor: with so many different types and designs available, complementing the look of your fireplace and home is worth consideration. Consider features like the frame finish, the handles and the mesh screen to get the perfect glass doors for your fireplace.
  • A factory built or masonry fireplace: factory built fireplaces are generally made of metal, so choose doors which will suit the look of this material. Some factory-built fireplaces actually come with doors, so you should keep this in mind when choosing one.

Glass fireplace doors can make it easier to clean up when the fire goes out, since no ash will spill out of the firebox. The fire will also burn more efficiently when the doors are closed. These points indicate that fireplace doors are a good investment that add beauty to your fireplace and home.

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