You may see trucks offering all sorts of home improvement services while you’re out running errands or otherwise driving through Delaware County and the Main Line. People are savvy today, thinking that they can offer homeowners a great deal on work around the house, without having the proper training or licensing. That’s not what you get if you hire a certified, professional company like mine. There’s a huge chasm between the average truck with a sticker on the side and what we do. Homeowners have learned through trial and error that, as in every other area of life, you get what you pay for.

Extensive Training

First and foremost, not just anyone can be a chimney sweep or provide expert services. Let me clarify – yes anyone can provide the service, but not everyone has the training needed to address every problem a chimney can face. And yes, there are some DIY options on the market, but if you do not know what you’re doing, you’re risking a lot on the hopes that the product(s) will do what they claim. Just one missed spot or one lackluster sweep could cause fumes to get trapped in your chimney and enter your home. When you’re ready to light a log, that small misstep will absolutely come to haunt you. Extensive training is required to know where the stress points are, and tied with experience, knowing the right code and standards can save you from potentially harmful results.

Continued Education

The training of a true chimney service doesn’t end at the classroom or practicum. It continues, and that’s not what the average person is doing. The unlicensed and overnight success stories that you may see around your city are not continually educating themselves, they are looking to make a quick buck and run. Sure, they may price themselves at bottom of the barrel prices, but they do so at a major point of contention with homeowners. It’s dangerous to cut corners in this industry, and that’s what happens with many discount, unlicensed, and untrained individuals promoting themselves as chimney sweeps.

Christmas in July (Save Money Today)

It’s tempting to save a few bucks by going with a new chimney service, and money is tight these days. That’s why we are offering a “Christmas in July “coupon for services. Homeowners shouldn’t have to fear paying excess costs and therefore going with subpar workers. Instead, let us take on the project you need at a discount that is going to help you not only see the difference, but gain peace of mind. When you want a fire in your fireplace, you shouldn’t have to second guess whether or not the service was done correctly.

Save money, and get an experienced, licensed, and professional service done for a fraction of the regular price with this money saving opportunity. Just give us one chance to prove why a quality chimney service is more than just a label or sticker on a truck driving by. Expertise and experience is second to none in regards to chimney services, that’s for sure.