Water or moisture is the number one reason that corrosion occurs inside and outside of a chimney. It can cause the chimney to disintegrate regardless to whether the chimney is masonry or metal. Not only does it cause corrosion and disintegration, but it can also cause mechanical problems to occur within the fireplace or wood burning stove as well.

It is very easy for water to affect the look and longevity of your chimney or fireplace because when the chimney comes in contact with water or moisture, it seeps through the porous brick and mortar. Any moisture that is trapped inside of the chimney stays inside causing damage to the chimney. If you are worried about water damage that may occur or has already occurred, continue reading for the best way to repair your damaged chimney and prevent water damage.

Waterproof to Prevent Damage

Water damage is not specific to any particular season. It is something that can occur any time of the year especially in the Philadelphia area. It is extremely important that residents take the proper steps to ensuring that their chimney is able to endure the unpredictable weather conditions. Lou Curley’s Chimney Service offer the best way to keep your chimney in good shape, and in turn protecting the overall structure of your home.

We perform many types of preventative maintenance including coating your chimney with a special blend of waterproofing agents that will prevent chimney leaks and protect from moisture year round. The waterproofing agents are:

  • ChimneySaver VOC Compliant Solvent Base: makes the body of the chimney waterproof by creating a barrier between the chimney’s surface and outside moisture. This product allows vapor to escape from within the masonry, but prevents any water from entering.
  • ChimneySaver Crown Coat Brushable Sealant: provides a protective coating for the crown of the chimney.
  • ChimneySaver Crown Seal Waterproof Sealant: the thick coat provides extra protection and even replaces any peeling bricks.
  • ChimneySaver Flash Seal Flashing Sealant: especially designed to steer water away from the chimney, stop leaks, and can be used for vents as well.

All of our Chimney waterproofing are backed by a warranty, easy to apply, and are approved by the appropriate agencies. We trust ChimneySaver products because we know they work very well. We often recommend them to homeowners who wish to perform their own preventative maintenance, or we can apply the products for you.

Protect Your Chimney

Any damage that you notice on your chimney should be taken seriously and steps should be taken to quickly fix the problem. Water damage can result in your chimney collapsing which can ruin the overall structural stability of the rest of the home. Quick fixes to your chimney problems will only waste your time and your money.

Do not hesitate to call Lou Curley’s Chimney Service to get your free consultation and an estimate to check your chimney repaired and renovated to be waterproof and free from incurring any further water damage.