One of the biggest culprits that you will have to deal with as a home owner is water. Water seems innocent enough, and for the most part it is. Water only needs a small space to work with, and when it collects, even in a small area, the damage is done. Water takes the path of least resistance and when it starts a path, it continues to use it. Left without cleaning or treatment, this can cause mold to grow. Mold can even become deadly if it sets in as the airborne elements can cause severe health problems. Protecting your home against water damage is a matter of prevention more than it is about repair, however both are crucial as needed.

The Chimney Issue

If your home has a chimney, it needs to be inspected at least once every year and sometimes more than once. Before the rain starts to pour, it’s very important that this is checked. The chimney has to have water protection at the base, on top, and throughout. You don’t want to have an open hole at the roof collecting water; you need to have protection against leaks. Again, the smallest crack could allow drips to enter. Even a small undiscovered drip can cause serious problems with your home over time. Chimney leaks are serious, and over time, could ruin your home’s structural stability.

Preventative Measures

When you call us to inspect your chimney, we will thoroughly check out the exterior structure including all flashing, the chimney cap, the crown, and of course the chimney itself. We will make any minor repairs that need to be made and apply waterproofing agents if necessary.

Repairing Damage

Chimney repair isn’t always a long and drawn out process. It may be as simple as repointing brick or making minimal repairs to the masonry. The more time consuming repairs generally include the flue, because it is a very tight area to work in. We will assess the damage during the inspection so that we can pinpoint what has to be done and discuss it with you before we begin work.

Scheduling an Inspection

Scheduling a chimney inspection is as simple as calling us. We’ll work with you to schedule a time that works best for you. Most homeowners want to be home while the inspection takes place so they can ask questions along the way. We appreciate questions and welcome them because we get to talk about something we enjoy – chimneys.

So take the time to call us and schedule an appointment for an inspection or a chimney cleaning at your earliest convenience. We’ll make sure it is structurally sound, working properly, and well-maintained before we leave.