Many households begin decorating for Christmas shortly after Thanksgiving. The holiday season is a very exciting time of year for both young and old. Decorating the house to express our holiday cheer is one of many ways we show our anticipation for this time of year. Some homeowners even go as far as synchronizing their lights with music to make it appear as if their house is actually singing holiday songs or the lights flash to the music. We always have to keep fireplace and chimney safety in mind while enjoying everything the holiday season brings. So let’s take a look at seven things we should all keep in mind for fireplace and chimney safety.

  1. Cleaning – Creosote can build up in the chimney and poses a serious fire threat. Debris and leaves also find their way into the chimney unless the chimney cap is securely in place. Any foreign object inside the chimney will block the air flow, and with nowhere else to go, smoke and carbon monoxide will enter your home.
  2. Inspection – A thorough inspection of both the fireplace and the chimney should be performed at least once per year if the fireplace is only occasionally used. The CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) recommends two inspections and cleanings if the unit is used on a regular basis.
  3. Decorations – Pile on the decorations as much as you want as long as the fireplace isn’t being used. Make sure all combustible decorations are at least three feet away when you use the fireplace.
  4. Children and Pets – Teach children and pets physical boundaries at young ages. Keep them safe and never leave them alone in the room with a working fireplace. They may know and understand boundaries and still get curious about the flame while your head is turned.
  5. Recycle, Don’t Burn – Don’t burn holiday wrapping papers and boxes in the fireplace. You shouldn’t burn anything but wood in a wood burning fireplace, and never burn anything foreign in a gas fireplace. The best thing you can do for the environment is to recycle all of the papers and boxes that you collect throughout the holiday season.
  6. Fire Screen – Use a fire screen to protect your children, pets, carpeting, and furniture when you have a fire burning. Embers may pop out of the fireplace and cause serious injury or a house fire.
  7. Fireplace Gate – A fireplace gate is a wonderful way to keep children and pets away from the fireplace. They don’t understand the dangers involved in touching flame or embers, and accidents are very painful lessons learned.

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