Central heating, as the name implies, is a system that provides warmth to an entire structure from a single centrally located point. Most central heating systems consist of a furnace that burns gas, oil, or other fossil fuels, or a boiler, or water heater. Whatever type of central heating system you rely on for heat, it has a chimney for gasses to escape, and that chimney needs to be inspected.

We often realize after inspection that the flue that leads from the furnace needs to be relined because it has been neglected for far too long. The central heating system vents into a chimney, just like the fireplace; a fact that many homeowners simply aren’t aware of. They are under the mistaken impression that the furnace company takes care of everything involving the heating system. They are HVAC technicians, not chimney sweeps.

Gas fueled furnaces don’t produce soot like wood burning stoves to, but they do produce highly corrosive byproducts that cause serious damage to the flue and chimney if maintenance routines aren’t followed. The gas furnace often runs for several hours throughout the day during the cold months in effort to keep your home warm.

A CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep like me will be able to help keep your chimney clean and maintained. A well maintained chimney is one that is working as intended. Call me any time to schedule a yearly inspection and cleaning for your chimney. Schedule it for a specific date that you won’t forget, like the date that you change the smoke detector batteries.

Regardless of the type of heating source you have, whether it is a fireplace, boiler, gas furnace, or wood stove, your chimney needs to be cleaned and inspected at least once per year. The CSIA recommends that they be cleaned twice per year if they’re used frequently and on a regular basis.

Relining the flue is often necessary if there is any damage to the existing liner. The purpose of the flue is to allow smoke and toxins to escape your home. A dirty flue liner will prevent it from providing that service. This puts your entire household at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Call me any time to discuss your chimney, flue, or heat source. I will help you determine whether your chimney system is working properly and schedule an appointment for a consultation, inspection, or cleaning. The healthier your chimney is, the more reliable it is. Regular maintenance is the key to a healthy chimney.